Increased customer conversion and loyalty with Enterprise Search


Over the past decade, search engines have evolved beyond keyword based matching and retrieval.

A true enterprise class search service must allow an organization to access virtually any data and extract maximum value at every step where the data is consumed. Such a platform will enable your organization to inquire (search your data), investigate (analyze your data), interact (personalize your data) and improve (enhance your data).

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Benefits Of An Enterprise Search Solution

  • Increased customer conversion and loyalty –By integrating search analytics as a feedback loop into your website, eCommerce solution, CRM or other line of business applications, it is possible to provide potential and existing customers with the experiences that they prefer and thereby increase the rate of conversion and loyalty.
  • Support Center cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction –Provide customer support representatives with the right solutions, based on minimal real-time inputs obtained from customers. This not only reduces the time to service and cost to service customer calls, but also directly contributes to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Knowledge Worker productivity –By providing employees instant access to the most up-to-date information, they are able to make informed decisions

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Most enterprise search solutions fail to deliver their full potential not because of limitations in search software, but due to a lack of expertise and proven processes.

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