YASH Technologies' Vulnerability Management Services (VMS) is designed to protect your digital assets from emerging cyber threats. Our risk-based strategy prioritizes vulnerabilities based on their potential impact, ensuring a proactive approach to security.


Vulnerability Management Challenges

  • Challenges in proactive detection and remediation prioritization of Vulnerabilities
  • Misconfigured Systems
  • Poor Data Encryption
  • Incomplete Asset Inventory
  • Unpatched or Out-of-date Software
  • Lack of Automated Response

Improve Your Security Score and Remediate Vulnerabilities

YASH’s Cybersecurity VMS tackles vulnerabilities using a comprehensive, risk-based strategy.

Our approach goes beyond traditional scanning by leveraging industry-standard OSSTM methodologies for a thorough technical assessment of all connected systems within your landscape. We proactively identify weaknesses and provide actionable solutions that help you remediate them and lower risks to manageable levels.

Complete asset coverage

Gain a comprehensive security perspective by identifying all assets across your landscape

Rapid threat detection

Detect vulnerabilities 6x faster, enabling quicker response and mitigation

Optimize security resources

Reduce risk exposure while optimizing resource allocation

Streamlined Remediation

Unify, automate, and orchestrate your remediation process for a reduced attack surface

Data-driven risk visibility

Gain insightful visualizations of your risk posture for informed decision-making

Risk Based Prioritization

Confidently prioritize vulnerabilities, targeting the threats that present the most significant risk to your business

Integrated tools

Seamlessly integrate with your existing security ecosystem for a comprehensive threat picture

Regulatory compliance

Ensure 100% compliance with regulations, safeguarding critical assets

Experience and knowledge-led development

Embedded best practices, business models, and built-in AI for an intelligent foundation

Flexible to grow without bounds

Easy extension and integration with any non-SAP and third-party technology

WHY choose for VMS?

Our strong credentials, including extensive expertise in vulnerability management and specialized VMS services, expedite your security transformation, enhancing efficiency, agility, and innovation. As a global systems integration “partner of choice,” YASH Technologies lets you focus on what matters most – creating business value, scaling your operations, driving innovation, and fostering growth through our pre-qualified and pre-packaged security solutions.

Our Approach:

YASH’s Vulnerability Management Services (VMS) follow a structured and thorough methodology to ensure comprehensive security coverage in five simple steps:


Define scan policies, schedules, and asset prioritization


Conduct vulnerability scans, analyze results, and prioritize risks


Normalize findings, generate trend data, and create a remediation roadmap


Track remediation progress and verify the closure of vulnerabilities


Continuous monitoring to ensure no re-emergence of vulnerabilities

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YASH and Qualys: a Strategic Alliance

YASH and Qualys have formed a strategic alliance to empower businesses with a holistic approach to vulnerability management. Combining Qualys' cutting-edge VMDR platform with YASH's strategic guidance and in-depth expertise, this partnership offers maximum visibility into your security posture, prioritizes threats effectively, reduces attack surfaces, and delivers faster remediation.

Benefits That Go Beyond The Basics:
  • Deeper threat insights: Unparalleled visibility into potential vulnerabilities, with deeply nuanced understanding of security threats that could impact your business
  • Risk-based prioritization: A strategic approach to prioritize remediation basis the severity and potential impact of each threat, ensuring resources are allocated effectively
  • Swift and efficient remediation: Experience rapid response and resolution times, minimizing downtime and maximizing your organization’s resilience against cyber threats
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Case Study

Learn how YASH Technologies' Vulnerability Management Services (VMS)

facilitate a smoother transition for legacy and emerging businesses, enabling them to modernize their systems with enhanced security and robust support.

An American oil and gas leader witnessed an 80% reduction in their attack surface after YASH's intervention. The company struggled with frequent attacks due to inadequate patch management and a complex IT landscape. YASH's VMS program enabled a rapid recovery and significantly improved their security posture.

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