SAP Digital Manufacturing Features.

Flexibility to Integrate with SAP and Non-SAP Systems

Out-of-the box integration to SAP ERP, SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), SAP Plant Connectivity, and SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration.

Production Execution

Using SAP Digital Manufacturing, you can monitor the entire manufacturing process like managing orders, assembling components, and returning confirmation messages to S/4 HANA.

Resource Orchestration

Resource Orchestration is a cloud-based scheduling tool that enables production supervisors to control operations and monitor events on the shop floor.

Production supervisors use the application to schedule and dispatch operations to work centers and resources for processing.

Data Collection in SAP DM

With SAP DM, you can collect data at various points in the manufacturing process. You can gather data on materials, operations, routing steps, and resources. The data that is collected can be used for monitoring the manufacturing process to assure quality and solving quality control problems related to specific materials.

Floor Stock Management

The floor stock management capabilities address materials that are stored on the factory floor prior to being used during manufacturing. Floor stocks are stored in production storage locations after receipt from a vendor, or after manufacturing, and prior to being moved to a resource.

Production Operator Dashboard (POD)

The Production Operator Dashboard (POD) is a primary interface between the shop floor operator and the application containing the manufacturing data.

The POD enables you to view relevant information about activities on the shop floor and act on that information to obtain optimal results.

Inbuilt AI/ML Scenarios

One of the key focus of the new AI/ML scenario for visual inspection was to assist the operator in identifying defective parts and logging nonconformance to ensure that defective parts are automatically redirected to the repair work center or to initiate other corrective actions.