Benefits you can expect.

imgA single offer on a single contract making vendor management easy
imgEmbedded best practices, business models, and built-in AI for an intelligent foundation
imgEnd-to-end support for sustainability backed by an ecosystem of technology providers
imgEasy extension and integration with any non-SAP and third-party technology

How YASH can collaborate.

As one of the prominent global SAP partners, YASH Technologies can be the pivot for success: we ensure that the customers take advantage of the RISE with SAP program by making the individual elements available from a single source. The core of YASH’s success lies in its competency in the underlying components of RISE with SAP – Business Process Redesign, Technical Migration, and Intelligent Enterprise.

As a modern managed cloud service provider for leading hyperscalers with deep expertise in the SAP application suite, we have the required experience and technical capabilities to help you take full advantage of RISE with SAP — no matter where you stand in your journey. Our strong credentials in SAP services, including HANA, S/4HANA, Analytics, along with focused RISE services, help you accelerate your transformation journey and gain efficiencies, agility, and innovation on the cloud. As your partner, we would collaborate with you to implement the required SAP solutions, develop tailor-made extensions that precisely match your requirements, and supplement the SAP standard with industry-specific functionalities.

  • Advisory services:

    Get access to a comprehensive suite of advisory services, right from assessing your business, existing technology landscape, and the opportunities for business improvement.

  • Business Process Optimization:

    Create a tangible business case with a complete understanding of your processes, customize solutions to enhance them, and structured frameworks for them to stand the test of time.

  • Implementation services:

    Choose from a full range of comprehensive SAP implementation solutions to accelerate your transformation journey and get the tactical firepower for efficiency gains and higher ROI on investments.

  • Application Management Services:

    Move towards a ‘zero maintenance strategy’ of your SAP applications with our NextGen Application Management Services, freeing resources to innovate and grow your business.