YASH Solution Benefits .

Yash Technologies will assist you with developing a plan to enhance manufacturing performance and eliminate unnecessary costs through our SAP-driven Digital Manufacturing Solutions. Our expertise lies in assisting businesses with tracking and maintaining their Manufacturing Execution Processes, leading to a more efficient and streamlined maintenance process. Some of our solution benefits include:

Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Increased visibility of manufacturing shop-floor operations

Improved Productivity and Throughput

Enhanced Tracking and Traceability

Proactive Maintenance

Reduced Machine Downtimes/Breaktimes

Why Choose YASH?

Industry 4.0 Experience

Strong techno-functional team with 750+ person months of experience in implementing Digital Manufacturing programs for global clientele.

Key Accelerators / Enablers

10+ proven accelerators / enablers related to Digital Manufacturing programs (standard questionnaires, RTM models, several APIs/tools that automate manual work) can help compress the project implementation timeline and cost by ~20%.

R & D Demo Lab

YASH state-of-the-art R&D Demo Lab serves as a vital platform for developing industry specific accelerators, PoCs and partner with the customers in their manufacturing transformation and Industry 4.0 initiatives.