YASH Differentiators.

YASH Digital HR teams have been at the forefront of helping clients across verticals drive HR transformation. With an in-depth understanding of HR business processes and a keen understanding of specific HR needs of clients,’ our consulting teams help organizations simplify HR business processes and align it to global best practices. After evaluating the business requirements, they develop specific add-ons based on need or leverage one of many such add-ons that YASH has developed. Integrating SuccessFactors to diverse applications and platforms is key to enabling success, and YASH teams draw on their experience and the YASH Integration CoE in ensuring this is seamless.

YASH HR domain consulting practice is well over two decades old, having delivered solutions and services across 250+ engagements globally. We are among a few SuccessFactors providers who have the ability and experience in providing tailored support to installations of all sizes and complexities.