YASH Differentiators.

A collaboration with YASH Technologies goes beyond the transactional – resulting in continuous value-generation through support services tailored to specific business needs. We pride ourselves on being among the largest SAP service providers globally.

Ariba Strategic Sourcing solutions are designed to help organizations across sectors, irrespective of size, scale, and scope, to achieve automation and standardization of critical tasks. This is made possible through integrated sourcing, contract, supplier data management, and performance tracking through a closed-loop, network-driven mechanism built upon a superior SAP technology platform, related domain experience, and by leveraging the sheer power of information.

A wizard with templates for creating standard events of various types, including RFI, RFP, and reverse and forward auctions and Sourcing Library that stores documents and customer-created standard event content such as questionnaires, lots, line items, and post-event content. Supplier participation through one-click bidding and uploading bids in Microsoft Excel files at the line or lot level.