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The complexity of managing multiple technologies viz., cloud, containers, microservices, IaaS and SaaS environments, and unpredictable business needs makes it necessary for enterprises to adapt to the changing landscape and proactively address such needs using IT as a strategic partner and not just as an enabler.

Therefore, the enterprises need to Shift from device-centric to service-centric operations to prioritize and remediate their business-impacting issues. They need to constantly analyze and act on their operational data at a velocity similar to its ever-growing volume to continue working without operational downtime or breakdowns.

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Are you facing any of these challenges?

Long-lasting frequent outages resulting in increased P1s and P2s

Inability to discover issues quickly with various monitoring tools for different environments

Visibility into real-time business service performance

Higher Mean Time To Detect (MTTD) & Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR)

War room situations, trying to resolve issues between IT Infrastructure & Applications

Business revenue loss due to recurring IT issues


Unable to get Infrastructure capacity forecasting

Understand how our Artificial Intelligence Operations-based Intelligent Business Services Monitoring-as-a-Service offering applies machine learning, real-time data, and automation to help organizations achieve their performance and productivity goals


Service Offerings:

Get expert assessment and consultation to align your IT and business services monitoring strategy

Scale your business with a clear idea of IT Infrastructure, Applications & business services relationships to predict issues with proactive monitoring

Get real-time predictive diagnosis using AIOps to prevent issues even before they occur

Amplify the impact of intelligent automation across operations to lower cost, efficiency, and productivity gains

Keep a keen eye on IT infrastructure and business availability metrics with a unified dashboard and periodic reports

Key features and differentiators:

  • Global presence with choice of support & pricing models
  • Focus on Business Services availability instead of Infrastructure or application availability
  • Experience Level Agreements (XLA) and enabler for compliance audits
  • Dynamic Dashboard – Real-time view of service performance
  • Automated report generation and topology maps with KPI overlays to increase productivity and report accuracy
  • Streamlined IT operations & increased productivity with a single pane of glass
  • Improved MTTD & MTTR with improved visibility & root-cause diagnosis
  • Enhanced customer experience & improved service availability
  • Faster value generation from IT to business plus precise business impact analysis to improve business continuity
  • Increased application assurance, improved system uptime, transaction uptime, and user satisfaction
  • Optimized infrastructure resource planning and workload management

Why partner with YASH?

YASH provides a comprehensive suite of interactive and proactive management of business services by monitoring infrastructure and application health and a holistic view of business services performance to reduce business impacts. Our expertise aligns with your business objectives from rich reporting dashboards, predictive analysis, artificial intelligence-led troubleshooting of your operations' failures. For maximum business benefits, we go beyond run-of-the-mill Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the best industry practices to help you drive XLA-driven enriching experiences to improve productivity significantly.

Speak to one of our advisors to learn how YASH IBSM offering can propel your business' performance today.