Digital Transformation

YASH offers support to organizations in determining their readiness for digital transformation, developing a targeted plan to accomplish goals, and executing that plan effectively. We divide the approach in 3 parts:

Business Process Consulting

YASH Technologies offers one-stop End-to-End solutions, delivered by the powerful combination of consulting and IT services


Customer Value Added

  • YASH group delivers one-stop End-to-End solutions in the environment of digital transformation by serving customers with consulting expertise & IT solutions.

  • Digital projects are successfully designed & delivered from a single supplier & implemented seamlessly throughout business and technical areas.

Why choose SAP IBP

Most of use might be familiar with SAP’s next-generation platform Integrated Business Planning, or IBP. But most of you are also unsure what the benefits are from making the switch..
IBP is designed to profitably fulfill future demand with real-time supply chain management. Powered by in-memory computing technology within SAP HANA, this cloud-based solution combines capabilities for S&OP; demand, response, and supply planning; and inventory optimization.

  • Gen-Next Technology:
    With SAP IBP you can leverage a full suite of solutions which enable new end-to-end business processes, new business modeling, and new revenue streams for your business.
  • Gartner Best-of-Class Recognition:
    Planners can do significantly more for supply chain execution where they’re more productive, more responsive and more strategic. SAP has repeatedly demonstrated how IBP makes supply chain management easier, faster and smarter, and that effort has earned them world-class recognition. When it comes to having real time data for highly competitive response times, SAP IBP is the global leader in this space.

  • True Digital Transformation:
    SAP IBP offers some of the most innovative portfolio applications to provide an end-to-end demand solution. Integrated Business Planning, Demand Signal Management, Leonardo Connected Goods and many others running on the SAP HANA cloud backbone deliver near real-time data and analysis while providing peer-to-peer collaboration within the platform. IBP is not an upgrade, it is a revolution in digital supply chain management.

  • Enhanced User Experience (UI/UX) :
    Unlike any other software, IBP gives your company the ability to seamlessly integrate a full suite of additional supply chain planning modules and other software applications. By keeping planning an analysis all within a single portal, user engagement increases and data becomes more reliable. The result is a faster time to value and reduced TCO. Companies can also further close the loop by integrating with SAP cloud platforms to create a real time supply chain platform.
  • Highest Security Standards:
    Security is always a top priority element of all SAP products. IBP makes your data even more secure by employing the highest security standards and guaranteeing the safety of your data both from web attacks and attacks in the cloud. You don’t want your company to be the next data breach headline, and IBP security ensures the integrity and safety of your data.
  • Cost savings and ease of Integration with SAP and non-SAP execution systems:
    SAP IBP comes inbuilt with BTP, CPIDS, SDI and RTI platforms which make data model integration from SAP ECC/S4 or non-SAP transaction system relatively easy and convenient. Companies don’t have to invest significant $ spendings in application integrations. Maintenance, support and upgrade is faster with these platforms compared to previous technologies like ALE,IDOC, RFC etc..


SAP Integrated Business Planning

The technology environment on which IBP is executed is fundamentally Changing-planning solution focus shifts from SAP APO to SAP IBP


1. Simplified, Commonly used architecture | 2. Standard approach | 3. Long term vision to have SCCT span over planning & execution solutions

SAP Supply Chain Planning Roadmap

  • SAP extended its Supply Chain planning offering with the new SAP IBP Suite
  • Long term solution development for SAP APO has been discontinued but maintenance will be provided until 2025
  • SAP HANA will be the new planning platform
  • SAP APO functionally will partially be available in SAP Business Suite S/4 HANA
    • SAP PP/DS, gATP functionality will be integrated into ERP
    • By then functionality will exist in SAP APO and Business Suite S/4 HANA


  • Is the new planning solution
  • Is native to SAP HANA platform
  • Is cloud based
  • Has a modular architecture
Customers are offered to migrate successively to the new planning solution

Industry-Specific Solutions.

At YASH, we offer specific solutions that meet your business requirements based on the business domain and industry.
  • Integrated planning between downstream and upstream operations eliminates the need for transfer pricing, thus enabling profit maximization at an enterprise level using SNP (Agility and Resilience) models
  • Easing the pressures of feedstock variability via predictive analysis modeling (AI/ML)
  • Integration of maintenance & shut down planning based on seasons and upstream feedstock price variations
  • Integrated planning using what-if analysis to predict negative profitability and diversion of feedstock to other profitable channels
  • Balancing feedstock price and supply variability for downstream consumption vs. sales in open markets considering by-product cost and credit from feedstock mfg. Chain (cracker streams) using IBP Response Planning
  • Using the SNP optimization model, we can effectively recycle the C2 C3 carbon chain to extract maximum output in a typical recycling process model
  • Modelling of the VMI (Vendor manage inventory) process in IBP using Response Planning
  • Implementation of Contract Mfg. Process in customers’ native ERP system to effectively manage leased contractors
  • Modelling customer-specific demands in forecasting using IBP for Demand.
  • Front-end and packing processes typically have longer run lengths, whereas backend cycle times are shorter, causing bottlenecks and needing proper load balancing and capacity and storage modeling
  • Product allocation for Customer Orders using priority, fair share, and other complex business rules to prevent partiality and human bias (S4 AATP – Advanced Available-to-Promise)
  • Increase No-Touch sales order allocation using SAP IBP AATP and BOP (Back Order Processing) processes and our in-house rapid connect APIs for SO interface to customer portals
  • Vendor modeling & PO (Purchase Order/Supply Plans) aggregation to avoid multiple POs in execution
  • Discrete planning for chemicals and intermediates once feedstock & cracker by-products are finalized for the monthly consumptions downstream vs. sale on open markets using SAP IBP order and response planning
  • Planning for commodity products based on price fluctuations, considering allocation and customer demand fluctuation due to price drops and rise. Controlled allocation model to prevent overstocking by any specific customer using price insider information
  • Continuous mfg. Orders with long run lengths and producing stock daily are to be taken into daily planning for allocation generations
  • Setup Cost minimization and avoidance of frequent changeovers on the shop floor using S4 ePPDS (Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling)
  • Daily deployment using DDMRP IBP models using actual stock updates at shift changes and planned production to manage customer commitment planning accurately
  • Rapid response to customer orders using powerful Back Order Processing functions on Sales Orders
  • Active Ingredient Management (strength/concentration) in the RCCP (Rough Cut Capacity Planning) planning process
  • Campaign planning and variable length models depend on yield and weight-to-volume ratios using ePPDS (Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling)
  • Decartelization of the continuous mfg. the process with discrete BOMs and multi-stage planning process
  • Embedding QA and QC in the planning process
  • Consideration of lot size and batch life cycle in the planning process
  • Managing high demand fidelity in the generics pharma space using AI/ML demand sensing modeling in SAP IBP
  • Use Push and Pull production strategy to reduce naked bulk / APIs being left on the shop floor
  • Customization to model parallel QC processing of bulk drugs while packaging operations downstream are in progress

When you partner with YASH, you get an end-to-end engagement from advisory, product assessment and evaluation, road mapping, POC creation, and configuration management to implementation, integration, support, and co-innovation.

Our differentiators

20+Years of Association with SAP

  • Up-to-date with the latest technology trends and developments in the technology space
  • Support from SAP with latest innovation and ability to deliver expedited time-to-value for customers

Business Centric Approach

  • A technology agnostic view to identifying and solving the critical business problems and challenges
  • Understanding and contextualizing the business requirements appropriately and translating them into technological solutions

Business Process Transformation with Best Practices/Fit gap analysis

  • Identify gaps in the existing ways of working of the business and propose measures to fix these gaps
  • Align business with the industry best practices with means to streamline the business processes

Focus on People, Process and Technology to maximize value

  • Focus is not only on technology but also on the people and process to improve performance
  • Identify key levers to maximize value from the technology implementation for the business

A Techno-functional team with relevant domain and industry experience

  • Domain and technology experts to streamline the implementation as per the technology requirements
  • Industry experience and business knowledge to help business to succeed through the technology intervention