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Ready to make a significant change in your business? Let’s start with a small step:

A Proof Of Concept (POC) is an early first step toward building a business case for your Business transformation project. It helps demonstrates that this product will work in practice.

At YASH, we provide Proof Of Concept (POC) services to our prospects to prove the viability, feasibility, and efficiency of using SAP IBP in your organization. This helps ensure we choose the right technology for your business needs before you invest in the same.

We will do the POC using your business data in our in-house S4 and SAP IBP systems based on high-level business requirements and our inbuild ready-made templates for various business functions.

Scope of POC Data inputs from Customer Expected Output

Demand Forecasting

  • Stop guessing. Start planning
  • Accurate forecast
  • Demand sensing
  • Consensus planning
  • Sense trends and other events
  • Harness the power of AI

S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning)

  • Align with corporate goals
  • Call out risk factors
  • Improvise business outcomes
  • Reduce cost with financial integration
  • Build consensus to increase S&OP efficiency
  • Gather past sales history
  • 12-month forward rolling forecast (as generated in AS-IS) for comparison.
  • Data Model and network details (Depot, Mfg Plants, Vendors etc..)
  • Manufacturing plant capacity information
  • SKU details
  • Safety Stock Goals
  • SLA Targets of the organization.
  • Proposed demand plan & forecast at the Customer and Product levels
  • High-level rolling S&OP plan, which includes
    • Safety Stock Plan
    • Constrained supply plan (planned production)
    • Procurement plan
    • Capacity constraints
    • Constrained forecast

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