SAP Higher Education

20% improved efficiency in budgeting and planning processes

Software for Higher Education

Centralized financial and management reporting

SAP in Higher Education

15% reduced cost for common HCM processes

SAP Higher Education and Research

Enhanced alignment of employee goals with organizational strategies

SAP Higher Education & Research

20- 25% increase in student/customer satisfaction

ERP Software for Educational Institutes

Automated and synchronized student life cycle for improved service personalization


Improved capital expenditure management

Our Differentiated Approach.

We believe in student success measured on principles of engagement, empowerment, and enablement rather than institutional metrics. Our solutions create a platform for students, faculty, and administrators to collaborate for a common objective: Student Success through a Smart University Environment. Hundreds of institutions have implemented SAP HER on time and within budget, integrating and managing operations seamlessly.

SAP-driven Future-ready Ecosystem by YASH.

A Smart campus governed by

  • Continuous student involvement
  • Integrated solutions
  • Streamlined processes
  • Improved data management
  • Enhanced student experience
  • Financial integrity
  • Research management
  • Workforce management

Proven Solutions:

YASH has worked with SAP to provide successful solutions to higher education and research globally for over a decade.
We help build an engaged and innovative environment across research. Education, analytics, administration, mobility, and more

Your Partner in Transformation:

We specialize in ERP systems, SAP implementations, and business intelligence for the Higher Education and Research sector, delivering excellence, cost savings, and enhanced student experiences!

Join us in shaping the smart universities of tomorrow.
ERP for Higher Education