IT and operational technology (OT) teams in Manufacturing companies have traditionally run their functions in parallel without much connectivity or cross leverage. Siloed IT-OT systems can become a significant bottleneck in driving competitive advantage. Businesses must integrate business and operation systems in real-time to create a common operational picture (COP) of their business.

Discover how we have enabled global manufacturers to take advantage of tailored IT/OT integrations to allow organizations to improve operational efficiencies, maximize profitability, and drive competitive differentiation. YASH is a leading provider of IT/OT Convergence advisory, strategic consulting, and implementation services globally with a team of highly experienced professionals.

Are you facing these challenges in your IT-OT convergence journey?

  • How do I get a singular view of operations to maximize throughput and revenues?
  • How do I spot business process inefficiencies and risks proactively?
  • How can I eliminate unplanned downtime and reactive maintenance?
  • Where do I stand in the journey to smart, connected factories?
  • How do I secure every digital touchpoint from the shop floor to the top floor?
  • How can I combine operational and experiential data with driving actionable outcomes?

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At the inflection point of enabling integration between the shop floor and top floor in manufacturing organizations

YASH enables Manufacturers to build connected factories and take advantage of the insights from data generated by machines, processes, and other disparate sources for real-time decision making. We have helped clients with integration, wireless technology deployments, and predictive maintenance with focused solutions, proprietary frameworks, and accelerators that we have built

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