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Today, education is undergoing change at an unprecedented rate. The economic and social realities require changes to the ways education is delivered, and today’s educators must be able to use technology to facilitate learning and help students excel. The convergence of IT and teaching methodologies will revolutionize the way students learn and will drive both students and faculty to higher level of creativity, performance, and interaction. The education institutions are moving towards more unified, integrated systems that support greater levels of collaboration, communication and service delivery.

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As education costs continue to rise and reductions in government allocations decrease budgets, educational institutions are under tremendous pressure to improve service delivery. YASH believes that IT can play a crucial role in transforming the overall model for how education institutions operate. YASH experts apply IT knowledge to the planning, design, and pre/post-implementation phases of their enterprise systems.

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  • YASH’s Education practice is a leading consulting service for various schools, colleges, universities, and academic medical centers.
  • Our professionals have worked extensively with learning institutions to develop and implement solutions that address operational and regulatory requirements consistent with every unique culture.
    • YASH provides a wide range of services for educational institutions that can help improve operations, increase faculty effectiveness, accelerate student performance, and develop new methods for delivering educational services in the 21st century.


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