How IoT is enabling Industry 4.0

By: Kumareswar Kandimalla

Publish Date: November 1, 2021

Accelerate your path to Industry 4.0 with IoT

IoT is the driving force behind every Digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. Industry 4.0 is the core of each transformation. Industry leaders are intensifying innovation and scalability along with increasing production efficiency. Industry 4.0 is all about achieving actionable insights generated from connected assets throughout the lifecycle of manufacturing and supply chain.

Digital transformation in manufacturing demands enterprises to rebuild their operations and integrate their entire supply chain around a digital core. This enables possibilities of eliminating silos across industrial applications and build an essential requirement of open architecture.


At Yash technologies, we enable our customers with Azure IoT capabilities which helps them in

  • Equipment monitoring and tracking in real-time
  • Energy management functionality to help users save energy
  • Leverage Cloud for centralized data collection, processing, and analysis to control industry equipment
  • Enable users to interact with the equipment remotely from mobile and web channels
  • Ability to scale to support any number of users

Optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) with Azure IoT

We helped one of our Fortune 500 clients who is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment with OEE Platform building using the industrial protocol for plant and machine to increase productivity. By using technologies like Azure, Kepware, deviceWISE we built an Azure IoT Hub which helped to finalize machine parameters and KPI for 26 machines. They can now connect and configure machines parameters in Kapeware/Devicewise. They now have data acquisition methodologies for every machine. There’s a proxy server interfacing with the machine controller to the IoT hub. Also, productivity index for overall plant and machine level.

Capitalizing on the assurance of Azure IoT

Azure IoT also helps with Mobile access and seamless connectivity for users to interact with their equipment. They can actively monitor and get real-time alerts & notifications to help clients lowering the cost of equipment maintenance. It also provides analytics and reporting to help users monitor usage and save electricity costs. The auto-scaling and high performance is an additional business benefit.

On this journey of digital transformation to Industry 4.0 manufacturers must understand the benefits and challenges of implementing Industrial Internet. There will be inherent challenges of building a new cloud-implementations counter to the pre-built platform. By implementing IoT there are high chances of experiencing faster time to value while guaranteeing a system that’s always running and up to date. They will experience effective production planning and self-analyzed reports with auto reports generation for machine level and plant data.

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