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  • IoT & Embedded Systems

    Our excellence in embedded systems from building smart connected products, enhancing smart living to creating vertical industry solutions help you to efficiently harness the power of IoT. We help you progress from imagination to innovation.
  • Embedded Systems

    YASH Technologies has unmatched capabilities and expertise to leverage core embedded engineering in cloud technologies for ensuring seamless connectivity components and infrastructure management.
  • Smart IoT

    YASH can help with integrated IoT offerings for smart enterprises to deliver connected experiences by connecting assets to improve your product value curve.Gain the advantage of Smart IoT solutions for building smart business with YASH.
  • Digitalization

    Build strong digital capabilities across your enterprise with YASH Digital Transformation and Digital Startegy services. Our strong expertise and experience can help become your business self-relient.
  • CoEs

    Leverage real experience and delivery excellence of YASH Technologies to gain real value business outcomes. Our proven technical competencies and specialized skills can help you thrive with success in your digital journey.
  • Manufacturing Operations Management

    YASH can help you build solutions that provide deep insights and real-time visibility for your manufacturing enterprise. Our services help you have control over all manufacturing operations.
  • The crucial pillars of robust embedded systems

    With diverse applications transforming the way we engage with machines, data, and each other, embedded systems will play a significant role in revolutionizing how we interact with (and benefit from) technology in our everyday lives.
  • Smart Manufacturing using IIoT

    QAD fulfills the primary need for ERP being cloud-based to complement smart manufacturing and plays an important role in a manufacturer's Industry 4.0 journey. 
  • Getting a leg up in your Industry 4.0 journey

    The ‘Industry 4.0 Revolution’ has enabled manufacturers with advanced technologies, including the integration of cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more, into their production facilities and across operations.
  • Digitization in Healthcare

    The digital transformation is revolutionizing patient care in new and exciting ways,Digitization in Healthcare in the space of Wearables and IoT
  • Tackling the Challenges of Cyber Security

    Ensuring cybersecurity requires coordinated efforts throughout the entire information system. With new threats are being unleashed every day, enterprises have to realize the need for an effective tool to secure their IT assets.