YASH Differentiators.

As one of the leading global SAP services providers, YASH has deep-rooted expertise in ALM-specific processes, tools, and SAP Solution Manager functions. We are also a RunSAP partner, a testimony to the breadth and depth of knowledge we possess in Solution Manager. We have a strong history of supporting the leveraging Solution Manager to help enterprises support the entire lifecycle of SAP applications – from development to operations.

Through a host of tools and templates, we accelerate the implementation of SolMan and help enterprises take advantage of the solution and drive operational excellence. Our in-depth knowledge and Best Practices help in the successful and seamless implementation to address any industry’s needs. Our clients accrue benefits along with the ALM roadmap from our accelerators and ready-to-use blueprint documents for different Solution Manager functionalities. By tapping into the personalized YASH Level of IT Maturity study findings, enterprises gain significant insights that accelerate innovation, enhance satisfaction from the deployment, improve IT efficiencies by 90%, and reduce risk by 70%. Optimizing ALM processes is a natural consequence of this process.