YASH Differentiators.

A collaboration with YASH Technologies goes beyond the transactional – resulting in continuous value-generation through support services tailored to specific business needs. We pride ourselves on being among the largest SAP service providers globally.

We replicate integration experiences that are secure, scalable, and reliable – affected by the democratization of integration strategies and the elimination of barriers that inhibit agility. We accomplish seamless integration through a novel approach, involving the attainment of visibility across hybrid and heterogeneous systems and the development of business-critical intelligence.

Our deep domain expertise helps clients integrate enterprise applications with key non-SAP resources across both on-premise and cloud platforms, in turn ensuring the achievement of key performance indicators and business continuity, with zero disruption.

Our strength lies in utilizing cloud-based middleware to seamlessly converge SAP and non-SAP systems via the cloud, made possible in both hybrid and inter-cloud situations. Our experienced in-house consultants leverage cutting-edge predictive models, including Eclipse-based and web-based technologies, to boost realizations from the application integration budget. Our SAP CPI suite lends immense flexibility to cover multiple integration modes – with the harmonization of IT resources across the organization for connecting data, devices, people, and processes.