YASH Differentiators.

YASH Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) Centre of Excellence (CoE) brings together supply chain experts, SAP thought leaders, and certified consultants. They have the knowledge and expertise to help global enterprises with innovative SAP EWM themes and frameworks. With a vision to help companies transform their warehouse management processes and systems, the CoE owns and leads EWM engagements – from strategy to execution. The teams in CoE have developed a wealth of pilots, proof of concepts, frameworks, accelerators, etc. which are “easy-to-asses,” “easier-to-deploy,” and “easiest-to-scale.”

With YASH competency in EWM, customers can manage high volume inbound, outbound, and internal warehouse processes and integration with the distribution process, thereby achieving proper visibility and control, optimized fulfillment, and yard management in real-time. Using our wealth of inter-operable tools, accelerators, and templates, we empower our customers with end-to-end SAP EWM services to

  • Lower operating costs & improves efficiencies
  • Improve warehouse & transportation efficiencies
  • Increase labor productivity
  • Optimize space utilization
  • Better manage value-added processes