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Storage control in EWM- Process Oriented

Publish date August 16, 2018

Abhishek Banerjee Abhishek Banerjee -SAP MM/WM Practice@YASH Technologies

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The concept of storage control is unique in extended warehouse management as compared to SAP warehouse management. In complex warehouses, a goods issue or receipt process involves a series of storage or picking/put away steps. This means that the material which is picked does not directly go the goods issue area and the material which is received at the goods receipt area does not necessarily go to the final put away storage bin directly. The HU/items will follow the multi-staging physical movement.

Storage Control determines the internal path to be followed by a product or HU, in other words, controls the destination bin for each internal process step.

There are two methods used for storage control –

  • Process-Oriented Storage Control
  • Layout-Oriented Storage Control

You can combine the process-oriented storage control with the layout-oriented storage control. Here, EWM always executes the process-oriented storage control first. Let us first understand the concept of Process-Oriented Storage Control.

Process- Oriented Storage Control:

  • Process-Oriented Storage Control determines the internal routing based on the processes to be carried out within the warehouse before put-away or after removal.
  • For this, you need to maintain the Storage Process. Storage Process is a combination of Process Steps in a sequential order which is part of your complex Put-away or Removal process.
  • Storage Process Step:
  • Storage Process step is nothing but a warehouse operation which you perform as part of your complex Put-away or Removal process. For example, deconsolidation, quality inspection.
  • EWM has pre-defined internal steps for most of the standard warehouse operations.
  • You need to define an external step as a process step and assign it to the Internal Process Step.
  • You need to maintain Storage Control for each Storage Process Step which is used to determine destination bin.
  • Process-Oriented Storage Control only works with Handling Units.
  • To setup process-oriented storage control we need to set up Process Steps in sequential order for each storage Process.


For Put-away, you can enter Process Steps in the following sequence

  • Unload
  • Count
  • Deconsolidate
  • Quality Inspection
  • Perform Value-Added Services
  • Put-away

For Removal, you can enter Process Steps in the following sequence –

  • Remove from Stock (Pick)
  • Perform Value-Added Services
  • Pack
  • Stage
  • Load

Following configuration, activities must be completed to set up Process oriented storage control-

SPRO > SAP Reference IMG > Extended Warehouse Management > Cross Process Settings > Warehouse Task > Define Process-Oriented Storage Control

The above configuration has three steps-

A-Define External Storage Process Step

B-Define Storage Control for each External Storage Process Step

C-Define Storage Process & assign process steps to storage process

Storage Process Determination:

1.For Inbound Processing (Put-away), the storage Process is assigned to the Warehouse Process Type for Put-away

2.For Outbound Processing (Removal), the storage Process is assigned to the Warehouse Order Creation Rule used to create WO for picking.

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Abhishek Banerjee -SAP MM/WM Practice@YASH Technologies


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