Modules & Features.

A comprehensive CRM solution tailored for the banking industry, Financial Services Cloud enables relationship management, account planning, and customer insights.

This advanced marketing automation platform (MAP) manages customer communications, including opt-outs and unsubscribes.

Configured to maintain accurate relationships between contacts and accounts, providing a holistic view of the customer. Suppose the contact is associated with multiple accounts. In that case, the campaign should manage to send emails to relevant contacts only and not all of them when there is constant outreach to their customers with personalized offers and promotions. When the contact has unsubscribed and is someone from one of the regional states or opted out, the marketer can filter out the unsubscribed and opted-out contacts and the region-specific guidelines.

Enhanced customer 360 experience by granting appropriate access and permissions to additional contact roles within households.

NextWave: YASH’s Unique Solutions in BFSI Industry.

NextWave Digital Banking Solution stands out by seamlessly addressing compliance challenges with region-specific guidelines and ensuring adherence to opt-out and unsubscribe regulations. Its unique features, including Household Accounts and additional contact roles, offer a comprehensive Customer 360 Experience, fostering personalized engagement and relationship management. Moreover, leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Account Engagement, NextWave streamlines marketing operations, efficiently managing unsubscribes and opt-outs while maximizing marketing effectiveness. This integration of compliance, customer-centricity, and operational efficiency positions NextWave as a transformative solution in digital banking, driving enhanced customer satisfaction and regulatory confidence.