Single window in the cloud for a unified and comprehensive view of the business

Comprehensive analytics capabilities such as data collection, analysis, simulation, planning, prediction, and reporting bundled together for a phenomenal experience.

The SAP Analytics Cloud makes all analytics capabilities accessible to all users in a single solution ensuring that organizations are digitally ahead and managing operations efficiently than their competitors. Designed exclusively for the cloud, it enables organizations to discover, analyze, plan, predict, and Collaborate from a single source of truth. Developed on a high-performance SAP Cloud Platform, this integrated solution suite lets organizations access the data and embed analytics directly into business processes empowering organizations with immediate actionable intelligence.

As a long-term and trusted implementation and support enabler of SAP products, YASH helps enterprises replace a host of point-solutions with the SAP Analytics Cloud. YASH complements the data strategies of clients so that digital disruption is a controlled chain reaction for the organization. Our team of solution architects and developers ensures that the enterprises move to the cloud safely, quickly and get freedom from operating system constraints, download requirements, and setup tasks. YASH also facilitates the seamless integration of the SAP Analytics Cloud with existing on-premise or other cloud-based applications to ensure data convergence from all sources.

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  • Plan and analyze directly for instant insights, visualize performance metrics, and adjust drivers on the screen to simulate the impact of decisions
  • Support manual insights with embedded digital intelligence for better, data-driven decisions
  • Enable continuous collaboration for workforce to increase engagement and accuracy
  • Use an integrated planning and analysis platform for SAP S/4HANA for instant transactions, analytics, and planning


  • Create business intelligence from the cloud.
  • Access on-premise and cloud data from SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Analytics solutions, SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, and non-SAP applications
  • Build insightful data visualizations, business intelligence dashboards, and engaging
  • Gain access to real-time business intelligence
  • Benefits from extensive self-service business intelligence capabilities, embedded Big Data analytics, ad-hoc reporting, and what-if analysis
  • Intuitively work and share information with others using built-in social collaboration tools


  • Take advantage of predictive functionality with Smart Discovery, to gain decision-making clarity, make informed choices, and act accordingly
  • Automate repetitive data preparation workflows and enhance data models with Smart Transformations
  • Discover contributing factors to the data points using natural language and visual explanations with Smart Insights
  • Leverage the power of digital to gather similar data points with Smart Grouping

YASH’s Centre of Excellence for SAP Analytics Cloud

YASH’s Centre of Excellence for SAP Analytics Cloud is equipped with:

  • Preconfigured content and an exhaustive library of industry-specific use cases and user stories
  • Consultative architects who can strategize and design customized solutions, co-create PoC’s and help understand integrational needs
  • A team of experts with in-depth vertical and functional domain knowledge and successful deployment experience with SAP Analytics Cloud

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