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How does DRCM® help the Manufacturing Industry?

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Here’s our C5MI Expert Martin Newell 

Businesses are undergoing waves of transformation more rapidly than ever before. Change in operating a business, diversifying revenues, controlling costs, gaining a competitive edge through technology are forcing IT & Business leaders to look for agility.

In our 1st Podcast Episode, Martin Newell will be covering how manufacturing companies are facing the challenges in Managing Maintenance Costs & Disparate Systems and how DRCM – Digital Reliability Centered Maintenance can help them overcome these challenges.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Episode.

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Host and Speaker

John Gretter

Vice President, SAP Service Line at YASH Technologies/C5MI

John is Head of Large Enterprise Sales, Go To Market and SAP Alliance for the YASH SAP Service Line in the Americas region. He has over two decades of experience in leading business-critical technology engagements, that help clients gain competitive advantages in their businesses. John has a distinct way of learning what the real issues are and engages with customers by providing them creative solution options. Blessed with strong technological acumen, John also is an excellent communicator, listener and a natural teacher. He combines his passion for technology and creating positive impact to enterprises to deliver and host multiple enriching webinars, roundtables and podcasts.

 Martin Newell

Director, Enterprise Asset Management at C5MI

Director, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) at C5MI, bringing more than 36 years of experience in manufacturing technology, including over 20 years designing and implementing fully integrated technology solutions while working at a Fortune 500 company.