Ensure seamless information flow and enhance business agility


Enterprise-wide application integration is necessary for organizations to not only optimize their IT landscapes, but also gain business agility, take advantage of new sales and marketing channels, and easily access data from devices and social channels. YASH Technologies helps your organization accelerate business growth by looking at Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) as a chance to adopt new architecture patterns and paradigms such as microservices and event-driven architecture to accelerate time-to-market and dynamically improve infrastructure.

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Seamlessly modernize enterprise architecture to revolutionize your business

YASH has in-depth understanding of new models for EAI and offers companies a fresh way to build their enterprise applications quickly and more cost-effectively with concepts like Software-as-a-Services (SaaS). We can partner with you to transform your various, complex enterprise IT landscape into a seamlessly integrated, robust IT architecture capable of delivering new business value. Our services include:

YASH supports the following new architecture models:

With real-time EAI, companies can make better business decisions and improve the flow of information across multiple platforms and databases.

Our holistic integration service approach ensures that the entire multi-enterprise applications are integrated, and the systems satisfy business requirements at all enterprise levels. We ensure that your business remains flexible and responsive to changes in the business strategy.

Get more that what you think from YASH Technologies

With our extensive domain expertise and rich industry experience, YASH is the ideal partner for your application integration needs. Our highly skilled teams can solve the most complex EAI challenges and standardize integration with industry-proven CRM products. The YASH team has an unremitting focus on quality and provides world-class advisory and implementation services.


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