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Outsourced Product Development

With ever changing market dynamics, innovative ISVs need dynamic, scalable and innovative product portfolio. Being able to offer highly differentiated business solutions that needs of its customer base while expanding into newer niches, continues to remain the overarching objective. Given the rapid evolution of the cloud, mobility, advanced analytics on the one hand and smart development technologies on the other, it is imperative that ISVs foster an environment of innovation and quick response to market needs. YASH Technologies, as a full-lifecycle product development services provider, has a rich legacy of collaborating with leading ISVs to support their complex requirements while driving disruptive innovation.

Get expert insight into your product’s design

Our dedicated Product Development Centre of Excellence (OPD-CoE) offers scalable, flexible and innovative product development solutions to intricate business requirements. Our SMEs amalgamate domain experience, technical expertise and matured frameworks to help build out-of-the-box products. YASH has enabled organizations to outperform competition and generate new revenue streams by developing and enhancing the next generation of product development. We provide our customers a value in the product development by

  • Improve time-to-market – Rapidly ramping up development teams to bringing prebuilt assets to engagements to cut development times.
  • Innovate – Act as strategic partners, proactively bringing business and technological innovation to engagements.
  • Bring new technology capabilities to engagements – Staying one step ahead of the latest developments in technology.

YASH Services Offerings

  • Consulting & Advisory – The background of any product’s success is coherence between business requirements and solution prototype. Our consultants collaborate with the enterprises to perform techno-functional feasibility analysis. Subsequently product Roadmapping and prototyping is done with shorter product development lifecycle.
  • Product Transformation Services – New age products are inherently being developed using lightweight cloud based solutions. Moreover, organizations with traditional products are also moving to cloud rapidly. YASH Technologies has assisted organizations in re-engineering on-premises products to the cloud. We also have assisted organizations with consulting and implementing PDLC on cloud.
  • Re-engineering Services – Consumers have volatile demands and hence enterprises need to re-visualize and re-engineer to transform their products. YASH team understand the market nuances and thereby have worked with multiple global customers in areas like migration from old to new technology platforms & programming languages, code optimization, performance tuning etc
  • Incremental Product Development – YASH framework revolves around incremental product development where full-fledged and fringe components are developed in close coordination with the customer. Over the years, our framework has been emphatically applicable to new product development as well as features enhancements
  • Localization Services – We assist our customers in the process of tailoring a global product for a particular language and country. YASH teams have helped various customers by providing localization services vis-à-vis UI design, text localization, testing, re-integration and re-deployment
  • Technical Documentation – Based on the product development roadmap, architecture and functionalities; Business Requirement Document, Product Requirement Document, Technical Specification Documents, User Information Document etc are prepared

Get your product faster to the market

Building best-in-class solutions requires more than technology expertise. With a breadth of experience across solution and industry domains, our teams bring valuable insights and knowledge to your software initiative. YASH brings deep software development expertise and proven experience meeting complex requirements for enterprise projects. Our teams leverage reusable frameworks, ready-to-integrate code, pre-built assets, and best practice delivery techniques to accelerate development and deployment timelines by 20%, on average.

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