Increase revenue and customer satisfaction with Web Experience Management


YASH considers Web Experience Management to be a key business practice that strengthens an organization’s approach to relating to its audiences by understanding how content is received and how that impacts both the customer and the organization. Enabled by a range of technologies including web content management, personalization, dynamic content delivery, analytics and optimization, and emerging tools for social computing, WEM focuses on continually transforming knowledge of customer engagements into actionable insights.

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WEM Realization

A strong enterprise content management platform supports content targeting, layout flexibility, multichannel integration and responsive design. Most importantly, feedback mechanism and effective measurement can be leveraged to deliver a WEM solution.

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Benefits of WEM

  • Transform online transactions into actionable insights.
  • Increase revenue and customer satisfaction by providing customers with compelling experiences and meaningful information.
  • Identify possible process improvements for optimizing marketing and support effectiveness.
  • Gain competitive advantage by aligning IT and business digital strategies, processes and technologies.

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