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Digital Asset Management (DAM) helps companies organize rich media assets such as pictures, images, video, and audio for storage, retrieval, and distribution. Beyond just an asset repository, DAM provides support for key workflows such as approval loops and virtual collaboration that add value to their media assets. When assets are final, a DAM system’s distribution capabilities can deploy the right file(s) for the right task – all on a global basis.

Organizations use DAM most often for the following business scenarios:

  • Brand Asset Management Systems –DAM solutions focused on encouraging the re-use of content within large organizations.
  • Production Asset Management Systems –DAM solutions focused on the storage, organization, and work flow and revision control of frequently changing digital assets.
  • Library Asset Management Systems –DAM solutions focused on storage and retrieval of large amounts of assets that are ‘historical’ in nature and don’t change frequently.
  • Learning Asset Management Systems –DAM solutions focused on managing, maintaining and reusing assets that are part of training material.

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Benefits of DAM

Organizations deploying specialized DAM solutions experience the following benefits:

  • Cost savings
  • Brand and messaging continuity
  • Global web-based access

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