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Many customers utilizing the HP TeamSite solution are unaware they are missing out on the exponential value offered in the product by not utilizing and experiencing the full range of built-in capabilities. Most cases show that companies utilizing the platform have a general lack of knowledge on the latest features incorporated in the solution itself, or do not know how to integrate with other HP products and 3rd party add-ons to deliver extended capabilities.

YASH’s TeamSite as a Platform concept is designed to educate and assist TeamSite customers on how to utilize and implement the latest stages of the product’s maturity and establish TeamSite as the single platform that will provide content for any device and any platform (website, ecommerce, CRM).

Get more than what you think from YASH Technologies

YASH’s extensive experience and knowledge of various products and technologies makes it possible to find the perfect mix of solutions to achieve all of your ECM and website optimization goals.

Business Benefits

  • Reduction in development time by 30% – 60%
  • Significant reduction in time from content creation to publishing, since the number of pages and components to be created are minimized or eliminated
  • Lower administration and maintenance due to fewer moving parts and fewer break points
  • End users benefit, since they can now expect a consistent user experience across devices of their choice

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