Meet specific business outcomes and increase conversions with YASH Search as a Service


Research shows that website search is a key part of driving conversations and conversions. Poor functionality and content irrelevancy pushes 80% of visitors to abandon the site, with no conversion and an unhappy visitor.

While your company’s valuable IT team supports the website by setting the search criteria to make the content “searchable”, they many times overlook some key business decisions:

  • Which different pieces of content are related to one another?
  • What terms are synonymous with certain key words?
  • What content should be promoted with other content or offers?
  • How should you be judging the relevancy of results and suggested results that help site navigation, and ultimately customer conversions?

Get more than what you think from YASH Technologies

YASH Search as a Service is both a solution and a service that will enable you to meet specific business outcomes and increase conversions.

Key benefits to using Search as a Service include:

  • Giving answers and real results to what the visitor is looking for, not how-to find the answer.
  • Personalizing visitor’s site UI experiences.
  • Making marketing via search virtually automatic, and allow Marketers to own that process so the relevancy and business value are always front and center.
  • Enriching visitor’s ability to find things faster using the search box.

The service will simplify and speed up the integration of HP Site Search with your website and web applications.

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