Transform your ECM environment with YASH’s proven and transformative ECM solutions


ECM evolved from niche solutions for document management, records management and workflow. Over time, new capabilities have been added and integrated, such as advanced search functions, automated business rules, network access, and new types of data. This has given companies the ability to effectively manage many forms of content across the enterprise. Effective content management cannot be achieved through technology alone. Innovation in addressing issues is a critical requirement for any ECM implementation to take advantage of the new technology. This integrated approach is what makes ECM such a powerful tool.

Enterprise search has notoriously been a problem in the content management equation. The ability to store and categorize information intuitively and in a user-friendly way, and make that information easy to retrieve later, has been one of several missing pieces in the ECM market. An intelligent enterprise search platform which delivers secure, relevant, accurate, and timely answers and insight to find new revenue, create unique customer experiences, improve decision making, and transform the way organizations solve business problems is what makes for a true innovation. YASH, with its accelerated ‘Search as a Service’ solution, helps organizations take a proactive approach to organizing their content.

Considering Web Content Management (WCM) as a subset of enterprise content management, which in turn also includes document management, digital asset management and records management, still remains distinct from other ECM components in how it functions in the enterprise. WCM allows personalization of content at the individual or group level and localization to deliver content in multiple languages and adapt it to different cultures.

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To help organizations meet a wide range of WCM demands, YASH has designed ‘TeamSite as a Platform’ which enables smooth multichannel digital experiences, site design, layout, rich media management, and analytics.

Take advantage of a new generation of innovative solutions and practices to transform your ECM environment with YASH’s proven and transformative ECM solutions.

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