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Implementation / Development

YASH ECM Implementation/Development services are based on established software development methodologies, supported by best practices unique to content management products and solutions, and delivered by qualified and trained professionals.
These services are guaranteed to cater to each company’s specific business needs and offer maximum results during each stage of an ECM project.

YASH ECM Implementation and Development Services Methodology Overview


  • Project goals and objectives
  • Capture high level requirements
  • Platform options
  • Hosting options
  • Access options
  • Project planning
  • Effort, schedule and cost estimation
  • Requirement prioritization


  • Elaborate requirements
  • Content Creation Process & Lifecycle
  • Planning for Integration
  • Capacity, Performance, and Security Planning
  • Content Migration Strategy
  • Technical feasibility matrix (OOB v/s custom)
  • Standards compliance


  • Information Architecture & Taxonomy
  • User Experience / User Interface Design
  • Authoring and Presentation templates
  • Workflows
  • Media Management
  • Search
  • Reporting
  • Administration
  • Security
  • System Architecture
  • Hardware Sizing

Blueprint Iteration

  • Implement key requirements to validate architecture and design
  • Benchmark usability and performance
  • Establish “Factory Model” for future iterations
  • Reassess effort, schedule and cost
  • Environment setup
  • Test content migration approach


  • Develop and unit test
  • Integration and System testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Content Migration


  • End user and IT Training
  • Final Transition to client team
  • Prepare Governance Model
  • Set up L1, L2 and L3 support services
  • End user outreach program

For further information on how our implementation/development services can help you achieve your goals, contact YASH today.

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