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The goal of our ECM consulting services is to develop a roadmap for implementing content management across an organization by limiting the number of tools used while minimizing and centralizing support. Our strategic evaluation and technical consulting services focus on how to continuously improve “interactions” that result in more revenue and customer loyalty.

YASH’s ECM Consulting Services Include:

  • ECM Strategy
  • Business Case and Specific Company Recommendations
  • Solution Architecture & Design
  • Enterprise Search Strategy
  • Product Evaluation & Selection
  • Platform Migration Strategy

ECM Needs Assessment and Implementation Roadmap

ECM Assessment and Implementation Roadmap

During the Needs Assessment phase, YASH determines the need of each business process or business application across the five distinct stages of a content life cycle:

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YASH ECM strategy services are delivered by consultants with proven expertise in not only content management software, but also in related technologies such as security, networking, storage, integration, and web applications.

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