Developed natively on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP Analytics Cloud allows an enterprise to discover, analyze, visualize and predict data thereby empowering businesses obtain centralized intelligence across processes, design strategic reporting systems, make useful business forecasting etc., using single software-as-a-Service platform.

YASH's SAP Analytics Cloud solutions have the capacity to design and deliver insightful BI strategies for global companies that accelerate their agility and profitability.

SAP Analytics offerings from YASH

YASH offers end-to-end SAP Analytics Cloud solutions for global companies thereby extending their decision-making capabilities across processes, driving meaningful strategies to innovate their BI portfolio. YASH will be your true partner of choice for developing BI strategies, roadmap, proof of concepts and execution.

  • Conducting workshops with business heads/process heads to identify key data elements and arrive at KPI’s for executives to make more informed decisions.
  • Help consolidating data from multiple data sources, or applications (SAP / Non-SAP) on-premise or cloud.
  • Designing CXO/operational dashboards for financial, sales and, digital boardrooms

The YASH advantage

  • One of the largest SAP service providers globally
  • Dedicated center of excellence for SAP Analytics cloud
  • Experience in delivering analytics cloud solutions to leading manufacturing companies
  • Strong SAP practice across all SAP analytic solutions - We pride in our capacity to deliver consistent, accurate insights to the business by reinventing your BI portfolio for profitable business outcomes

A leading manufacturer of thin film process equipment solutions based out of USA

To help its employees answer tough questions and make decisions in real time and develop new, innovative services for its customers, the company turned to SAP Analytics cloud


  • Set up the landscape to enable the data movement from on-premise to HANA cloud platform
  • Implemented smart data Integration to load the data from multiple sources
  • Created interactive storyboards in SAP Analytics cloud


  • Eliminated manual report preparation at the local and corporate level
  • Deployed executive and management key performance indicators with SAP Digital Boardroom
  • Converted offline and multisource data to networked information

SAP Analytics Cloud – capabilities

  • SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence: Explore data to find hidden traits and relationships
  • SAP Analytics Cloud for planning: Create budgets, forecasts, and what-if scenarios
  • SAP Analytics Cloud for predictive analytics: Statistically evaluate future outcomes and existing correlations
  • SAP Analytics Cloud for governance, risk, and compliance: Assist with governance, risk, and compliance management

SAP Digital Boardroom harmonizes the view of company operations across all lines of business. This view enables users to understand the past instantly, predict the future, and conduct business successfully in today’s digital economy.

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