Increase Operational Efficiency with Run SAP like a Factory

The way your organization is growing, your IT Landscape must have become Heterogeneous and complex in nature. This will mandate more resources, both monitory and human hours, to be spent over activities like Technical Monitoring, System Monitoring, and Business Process Monitoring.

YASH recognizes this and highly recommends to use the Run SAP Like a Factory (RSLaF) capability of Solution Manager to ensure that your IT and business run seamlessly.

YASH created a Centre of Excellence (CoE) around RSLaF consisting of a dedicated pool of RunSAP Certified consultants. RSLaF enables configuration and setup of an Operational Control Centre which acts like a central, minimal IT support entity that proactively monitors the SAP & non-SAP environment without human intervention and sends out Alerts when something has a potential to go wrong.

RSLaF can be emulated as a command center with multiple screens manifesting your entire IT landscape giving you a bird’s view of everything that’s happening in it.

You can kick start with the duration of as little as 8 Weeks. Best part is, you will breakeven within 6-10 months of configuring RSLaF!

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Why Run SAP like a Factory?

  • Transparency - Global transparency for business processes & IT landscape components
  • Efficiency - Reduced IT support process costs


  • Optimization - Higher end user satisfaction & faster business processes
  • Pro-Activeness - Identify issues before business is impacted
  • Stability - Smooth & reliable processing of core business processes