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Managing your enterprise IT is not just about keeping the lights on, it is about the partner’s ability to anticipate and manage change in both technology and business practices while delivering both tangible and measurable benefits.

As one of the largest SAP service providers globally with a strong Infrastructure portfolio YASH is uniquely positioned to be the partner of choice for mid-size enterprises who seek value transformation, cost optimization and predictable outcomes. Across years we have developed specific expertise in enabling mid-size organizations to benefit from our YASH Managed IT Services Framework.


We understand that each customer’s requirement is unique and one size does not fit all. YASH has created 3 key bundles – Silver, Gold & Platinum to help clients outsource their IT management worries to us while their teams focus on adding value to their business. The good news is that flexibility and responsiveness – the core tenets of YASH’s engagement philosophy is at the heart of this proposition – making this irresistible for mid-sized companies.

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