Improve Compliance with EFTA & Reg-E while saving over 50% efforts using RPA

While most major banks enthusiastically embraced Robotic Process Automation (RPA), outcomes have not necessarily been in line with expectations. However, we expect these initial RPA adoption challenges will give way to banking process transformation.

Our assessment workshop will help evaluate the use of RPA for automating card and payment dispute processes and will layout a practical roadmap. In this half-day workshop, we will review and build an understanding of:

  • checkYour current dispute processes, costs, and operational risks
  • checkThe existing technology landscape
  • checkCurrent pain points and planned changes
  • checkYour concerns regarding automation

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Post the assessment; our team will work on a customized vendor-neutral report which would highlight:


Process Automation Approach

  • fiber_manual_recordLevel 1 process map with a list of principal activities performed in your process
  • fiber_manual_recordList of activities that are best suited for automation
  • fiber_manual_recordProcess reengineering suggestions to remove bottlenecks and enable optimal automation
  • fiber_manual_recordEstimated ROI based on the above recommendations
  • fiber_manual_recordIdeas on having an error free and risk-free rollout

Technical Solution

  • fiber_manual_recordSuggestions on implementing RPA in your environment
  • fiber_manual_recordOverview of Bot Handover methodology and ongoing support
  • fiber_manual_recordSummary of the training and support needed for IT and development teams

Adoption Methodology

  • fiber_manual_recordHow to seed and grow RPA in your organization?
  • fiber_manual_recordTypical project implementation methods and timelines
  • fiber_manual_record How to calculate ROI and build a business case?

Reference Material

  • fiber_manual_record Responses to any open questions from the assessment workshop
  • fiber_manual_record Case Studies of similar process automation
  • fiber_manual_record RFP template for card payment automation project

We would be happy to walk you past the findings and recommendations of the report. As an experienced implementation partner, we will deliver ROI forecasted in the report.

Write to us at info@yash.com for more information.