What is a Landing Zone?

Set of best practices and guidelines on how to implement multiple accounts, identity and access management, security, networking, governance, and automation for all your cloud workloads

  • When implemented, ensures critical services are present and properly configured before you migrate or spin up new workloads in the cloud.
  • The well defined, repeatable standard for setting up workloads in the cloud
  • Enables you to scale your cloud adoption with confidence
  • Eliminate the need to refactor your cloud environments

Register for cloud landing zone planning and design workshop

Our Cloud landing zone workshop will help analyze your organization's cloud viability, offer a solid cloud foundation framework, and define a road map to embrace cloud technologies aligned with your business goals.

During the workshop:

We understand your Organization’s Cloud landscape and standards, IT infrastructure alignment with business goals & strategies that support digital transformation, and the modernization of IT as a department.

  • Understand current cloud landscape, usage, and applicability
  • Analyze enterprise & domain architecture, IAM architecture and, user connectivity
  • Identify problem statement pertaining to the existing IT infrastructure

At the end of the workshop:

We will provide a High-Level Design (HLD) docket of landing zone comprising:

  • Design of an enterprise cloud architecture which aligns with the organization structure
  • Cloud suitability and risks pertaining to a cloud network
  • Cloud security baseline, IAM and compliance model which portrays security policies, guidelines, and standards
  • Network design, multi-region connectivity architecture [VPC/VNET/NSG/Subnet/UDR/Route Table, App Gateway, VPN Gateway] and DR architecture

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  • Client SME availability for Server, Application, Network and Security Technologies
  • Provide Server, Network, and Application data flow architecture and organization structure

Key benefits


Core services are present and configured the right way for all cloud workloads


Migrate, create and scale workloads with confidence


Reduced operational costs


Improved and consistent resilience, security and performance across all workloads


The reduced manual effort, improved quality, and faster service delivery by way of automation of a well-defined and repeatable standard

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