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In memory computing – an innovative approach to analytics

The ability of HANA (SAP's in-memory appliance) to process immense amounts of data in real time and perform vast and complex calculations allows organizations to reap value faster from their analytic investments. Organizations that leverage HANA are fundamentally changing how data is managed and consumed, altering the competitive playing field.

YASH Technologies helps organizations to understand this new approach to data management, where to start, and how to measure the short and long term benefits. If your organization is considering HANA, partner with YASH for the following services:

  • Business strategy
  • Implementation
  • Learning and change management
  • Business case development and Proof of Concept
  • Roadmap creation

From Hours and Days to Seconds and Even Nanoseconds

Whether analyzing profitability of projects to understanding which product is a best seller and why, organizations need data, fast, in order to remain competitive. HANA allows mountain loads of data to be processed and analyzed in seconds, even nanoseconds, which in this highly competitive global market, can be the difference between first or last place.

It's time to learn how HANA can work for your organization. Partner with YASH on developing a proof of concept that supports your organization's business strategy and get a clearer picture of how to leverage HANA and what you can expect.

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