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Helping wholesale distributers engage efficiently with their customers through advanced supply chain capabilities

Transformation is rapidly sweeping the whole distribution industry. The outlook for today’s wholesale distributors remains challenging, considering the constant market fluctuations, the need for global supply chain visibility, and complex procurement processes. With rapidly changing consumer expectations, fierce competition, influence of advanced analytics and Omni-commerce, there is a need for quick product development and innovation for margin improvement to manage value chain disruptions.

Distributors must reinvent themselves from a warehouse of products for serving demand to information centric companies that utilize new business models to gain a competitive advantage. Today, it is imperative for wholesale distribution enterprises to not only create products and solutions that enable the digital revolution, but also apply these forces to expand their services, simplify their operations, redefine their business models and serve their consumers better by optimizing capacity, distribution fleets, inventories and overall operations.

YASH has developed robust solutions for highly specialized operations that help to enhance visibility across the business. Leading wholesale distributors are leveraging our solutions to proactively respond to every supply chain and warehouse management demand, resulting in improved collaboration with customers and suppliers, increased responsiveness and speed to market, and optimal cost efficiencies.

Our comprehensive suite of services addresses the following business processes:

YASH provides significant value through innovation – we deliver solutions in emerging areas such as asset enhancement and mobility, helping enterprises improve visibility and reduce costs. We improve core operations, efficiency in transportation and logistics organizations through maintenance of IT applications, and minimize inefficiencies with the implementation of process improvement solutions.

Certified Industry Solutions

YASH has developed WholesaleOne, an SAP Business All-in-One solution for small and mid-sized enterprises in the wholesale distribution industry. As a comprehensive, powerful, and prepackaged – WholesaleOne helps enterprises to respond quickly and decisively to dynamic market conditions.

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