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Continuous upkeep of important communication and interaction channels between your organization and its customers is vital for success. The direct impact of not being able to do so can damage overall business and eventually cause your company to lose credibility. Finding the right partner with the specific skills, tools, and processes for your systems, guarantees maximum efficiency.

YASH offers a broad range of activities as part of our support services portfolio, including:

  • Product Services
    • Environment Setup
    • Backup and Restore
    • Patch Management
    • Platform Upgrades
    • Periodic Health Check
  • Application Services
    • Application Maintenance
    • Application Enhancement
    • Custom scripts to support bulk activities
      • Tagging
      • User Profile updates
      • Permission modifications
      • Content import
      • Export

YASH Global Support services are available in several pre-packaged models such as 8×5, 16×5, 24×7.

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