Manage product compliance processes efficiently for improved marketability and profitability


Mature and focused organizations are continually innovating newer, better, and safer products to stay profitable. With increasingly stringent and complex product regulations, it is critical to manage and communicate the hazards of chemicals substances through Hazmat documents in a timely manner across the supply chain and also to the regulatory authorities. YASH Technologies’ services around SAP product safety solution can help you streamline and automate your product stewardship and compliance processes and hence lowering risks and reducing the overall cost of compliance.

Enable global product compliance at all phases of the product lifecycle

YASH’s expertise around the product compliance solutions helps organizations adhere to global compliance regulations like REACH, RoHS, TSCA, Hazchem or Conflict Minerals to name a few. From preparing the hazmat declaration, MSDS and Labels, along with the automatic compliance checks and regulatory reporting, these solutions help address any or all compliance needs of organizations.

Sub-components of the SAP Product Safety and Stewardship portfolio are:


Product Safety:  Create and communicate the updated SDS, Labels, and Hazmat declarations in line with global compliance requirements.

Dangerous Goods Management: Automated shipping and transportation compliance checks and documentation in line to the global DG transportation guidelines

Global Label Management: Multilingual, compliant and automated Label printing based on the various labelling (business) scenarios

Product and REACH Compliance: A comprehensive solution framework for managing REACH and other global product specific regulations

SAP EHS Regulatory Content: Regulatory database of 250,000 substances, 9000 phrases in 40 languages with templates, rules, classification

Product Stewardship Network: An online and secure collaboration platform for compliance data exchange and sustainability assessment across supply chain


Get more than what you think from YASH Technologies Sustainability service offerings

YASH offers a depth of expertise and valued best practices that will benefit your organization’s compliance efforts. As a strategic SAP partner, YASH has a proven track record of providing SAP EHS solutions and compliance services for many of the leading manufacturing organizations, YASH is a recognized go to partner for all SAP EHS, Regulatory compliance and  Sustainability needs.

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