Drive excellence and business value in applications driven by Microsoft technology


Microsoft technologies offer a plethora of solutions that address challenges relating to implementation of state-of-the-art technologies without compromising investments made in legacy and institutionalized applications and by enabling proactive decision making by providing business intelligence that is contextually relevant to a role. Microsoft is the platform of choice for most CTOs to undertake this transformational journey. Microsoft Technologies have always been a desirable solution for the wide-range business channels that offers an insightful and effectual business tools & services for web and desktop services.

Service Offerings

Get more than what you think from YASH Technologies

We, at YASH – a renowned Microsoft Gold Certified Partner strongly believe in satiating the needs of our clients with the exceptional innovative and robust solutions. YASH provides a broad range of Microsoft technology services to help our clients drive excellence and business value in applications driven by Microsoft technology. YASH has a very strong Microsoft Practice ranging from custom application development on the .Net platform to having solution frameworks focused on industry verticals on enterprise platforms. By virtue of our close partnership with Microsoft and frequent collaboration in product development, we are able to deliver world class solutions which blend together YASH’s solutions and Microsoft technologies. We understand how to utilize Microsoft technologies to optimize your future.

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