YASH Differentiators.

A collaboration with YASH Technologies goes beyond the transactional – resulting in continuous value-generation through support services tailored to specific business needs. We pride ourselves on being among the largest SAP service providers globally.

Our SAP EHS Regulatory Documentation package enables organizations to make critical decisions relating to diverse business issues, providing relevant information in the light of a changing regulatory environment.

The EHS (Regulatory) Data Management services provide authoring of SDSes in multiple languages with the facility of updating them with new and changing regulations and formats. It also facilitates the distribution and submission of relevant entities, including regulatory authorities and customers. The EHS teams can upload and manage SDS documents basis the product portfolio.

YASH Technologies also offers support in creating the EHS/SDS portal along with the integration of the system with EHS Tools to upload and manage regulatory data. As a part of the service offering, we assist in setting up a compliance help desk to provide prompt responses to queries on EHS/SDS — apart from designing labels and SOPs, and creating a repository of documents on dangerous goods, etc.