Stay ahead of meeting global regulatory compliance with rigorous sustainability solutions


Sustainability is not just a choice anymore. More and more global companies are establishing sustainable goals and objectives for defined reductions in energy consumption, waste discharges, and time lost due to various occupational incidents. There will always be a multi-directional push from various authorities, workforces, customers, partners, and investors, towards building a holistic compliance framework for various products, people, safety, and environment related guidelines.

Run Compliant for the health, safety and wellbeing of your people, company and environment as well as a strong brand reputation

It’s about your product, people, company, environment, and most importantly your own brand which you have created over the years

Utilizing the best-in-class sustainability solution from SAP, YASH Technologies provides a selection of integrated software applications and regulatory compliance services that help drive performance, monitor improvements, measure progress and deliver sustainability results effectively.


Get more than what you think from YASH Technologies Sustainability service offerings

YASH Technologies is a recognized partner in the EHS solution space. Over the past decade, we have developed a mature Sustainability and EHS practice, consisting of EHS domain and IT experts who have supported global clients in SAP EHS solution consulting, trainings, implementation services and planning their long-term sustainability roadmap. We are one of SAP’s strategic partners for solution development, testing, and a contributing partner around this solution area. We have a strong footprint across five continents and multiple industries with extensive clients for these EHS solution and service offerings.

YASH can help to achieve your organization’s compliance goals more precisely and effectively. Rely on YASH as your go-to partner for Compliance and Regulatory needs

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