YASH Differentiators.

With more than two decades of Microsoft delivery experience backed by a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics Center–of-Excellence (CoE), YASH Technologies is a partner-of-choice for enterprises in their pursuit of excellence with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite. We have demonstrated the successful delivery of several end-to-end Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects and complex transformational engagements across diverse industry verticals.

Being a globally renowned Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, we develop PoCs, solution accelerators, templates, etc., through our dedicated Dynamics 365 Centre of Excellence and Innovation (CoEI), which helps customers realize optimum value from their Dynamics 365 investments. Our constant endeavor towards competency building enables us to remain agile and stay abreast with the latest innovations.

Whether your organization is prepared to embark on the transformative course with Dynamics 365 or has doubts about where to begin, let YASH be your guide.