Integrate business with manufacturing process to speed time-to-market, reduce costs, and manage inventory efficiently

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 principles are transforming the way conventional manufacturing processes are executed and managed. This future-centric technological spectrum aids the digitization of the manufacturing process, integrates business systems, enhances operational visibility, increases reliability, and enables product traceability. Organizations can leverage Industry 4.0 associated resource-efficient and high-quality methodologies based on IoT-enabled near real-time information that provides a granular view of the entire manufacturing process chain.

YASH has thoroughly ingrained and deep-rooted manufacturing expertise gained in the process of delivering value-driven engagements with Fortune 500 enterprises globally. We have a team of manufacturing domain experts who harness their experience of driving manufacturing operations in some of the largest organizations globally. Complementing them is a team of technology experts with keen knowledge and expertise in delivering customized business/IT solutions for large enterprise globally. Multiple ready-to-deploy frameworks and solutions encompassing horizontal and vertical integration, process standardization, data harmonization, and governance, lean manufacturing, etc. have been developed by the YASH SAP Leonardo Innovation Centre. Leveraging this and harnessing the confluence of IT/OT convergence, YASH SAP Manufacturing Execution SME’s ensure that organizations can drive business outcomes including operational excellence, operational intelligence, and IT optimization.

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  • Handle and control the production of order, a lot, or unique serialized items
  • Modify dispatch of materials based on production events
  • Enhance productivity by providing employees an intuitive role-based touchscreen interface to support manufacturing workflows


  • Record production data like traceability, quality, etc.
  • Manage adherence to production specifications
  • Initiate a predetermined non-conformance process in case of a deviation from production specifications
  • Leverage integration with the master data process for your ERP system


  • Make full device history records for sequential products
  • Enable track-and-trace visibility across the entire supply chain to ensure error-proof manufacturing
  • Analyze manufacturing performance data and gain insights into areas where you can increase efficiency and save costs

YASH’s Knowledge Centre for SAP Manufacturing Execution

Experience, expertise, and exhaustive content comprising solution frameworks, ready-to-deploy packages, use cases, and user stories for SAP Manufacturing Execution are few key elements that make the foundation of YASH’s center.

  • YASH proprietary solutions like Live Factory, LedgerNexus, and other ready to deploy solutions targeting the entire supply chain
  • SAP PP and MES integration toolbox built by our developers for faster and optimal implementation
  • Use cases for reference that are leveraged by our architects and consultants during the analysis, implementation, support, and maintenance of your SAP Manufacturing Execution bundle

Driven by Industry 4.0 and IoT, SAP Manufacturing Execution is a go-to solution for digitization of cost-effective, highly-efficient manufacturing process management.

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