Facilitating Industry 4.0 journey by driving transparency throughout the manufacturing process with LedgerNexus


LedgerNexus is YASH’s proprietary solution to empower the manufacturers, retailers, dealers and customers by utilizing the unlimited benefits of Enterprise Blockchain. LedgerNexus leverages blockchain technology to extract real-time data from ERP, SAP Leonardo, dealer systems, and connected assets. This provides consensus and absolute storage to bring together manufacturers, dealers, customers, and regulators in the same network of trust. Manufacturers can enable their Operations with real time decision making, data driven predictions, optimal asset utilization resulting in operational excellence. LedgerNexus in a connected factory set up addresses complex supply chains to add value to Direct & Indirect customers. It enables proactive recalls leveraging predictive analytics based on the rich data it owns.

LedgerNexus brings together manufacturers, dealers, customers and regulators in the same network of trust. It offers an end to end solution by implementing and integrating Enterprise Blockchain technology with cognitive computing concepts leading to optimization of Digital Innovation Systems.

industry 4.0


  • Manufacturing status visibility across the supply chain
  • Parts provenance
  • Contractual agreements between parties
  • GPS tracking of order shipment
  • Asset ownership tracking
  • Service history tracking
  • Utilization and incident tracking
  • Warranty benefits
  • Proactive recall with predictive analytics
  • Residual value with pricing analytics
  • Peer to peer messaging ability
  • Ability to consume data for stakeholders in the web, mobile, VR, AR, MR devices


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