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Resolution time increases when multiple service requests from discrete channels bombard customer service agents. Agent woes are worsened when they have to deal with systems that don’t communicate with each other. This results in missing out on the root cause and inefficient issue resolution exacerbating customer frustration. Your organization then sees low customer satisfaction scores, and you usually have no clue why customers are calling. Customer service becomes a costly reactive function with no real service value and low satisfaction.

CSM connects with other ServiceNow products to achieve this level of insight. It resolves issues by synchronizing with other business units to highlight root causes and resolutions. Such product scrutiny leads to the solution, sending alerts of potential problems to agents while the customer remains blissfully unaware. For example, when a solution like Operational Intelligence is added to CSM, it examines other linked products and sends alerts to agents about issues. Similarly, with Field Service Management, agents can see on-site repair status.

The ability of CSM to create an interdepartmental connection to resolve issues for multiple customers instead of solving them on a piecemeal basis delivers tremendous value. CSM meets customers on their channel of preference. Giving customers an omnichannel experience, like phone, email, or chat, the AI of CSM automatically categorizes, prioritizes, and assigns issues to the appropriate agent. Hence, customers are freed from categorizing and prioritizing their issues.

You can tailor the default CSM to add self-service options for standard requests and integrate chatbots that provide conversational replies. Customers can seek solutions from experts by interacting with the latter in Communities, while you gather customer feedback in Surveys post case closures. More on Communities and Surveys are up next.


The Communities application helps you link up and work with customers and employees. These users visit posts in forums, view videos, or post questions in discussions. This results in cost savings as common issues are resolved, and new issues find resolutions by getting more exposure. The business can better recognize customer and employee needs too.

Some features available in Communities are:


Create, distribute, and collect responses using the Surveys application to measure customer satisfaction. A survey helps drive customer satisfaction when you connect its results to the relevant records. You create a survey using a designer tool and save it as a draft until it’s ready to be published on chats or email clients. You then publish surveys to specific users or groups that are internal or external to the organization.

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The Customer Service Management (CSM) solution from YASH Technologies’ ServiceNow incorporates proactivity from issue to resolution dispelling these issues.

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