CxOs come together to understand the next step forward in the new normal

CxOs come together to understand the next step forward in the new normal

The keyword here is, answer. Many questions have come up in terms of business continuity and the reshaping of the work culture. This virtual roundtable brings together distinguished experts as panelists, who are CxOs leading their organization’s efforts in fostering resilience across the board.

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As organizations continue to break down operational silos and safeguard themselves multi-fold at multiple levels, technology pioneers, clients, and expert practitioners share their thoughts and perspectives on the challenges of keeping the wheel turning. With YASH Technologies, join this virtual panel to delve deeper into the details of tools, technologies, and constructs that are actively building a future-ready enterprise with robust processes and communication.

Key takeaways:

  • Peer learning for learning hacks of customer engagement
  • Leadership perspective and team relationship building
  • Managing hardware and software infrastructure for remote working
  • Figuring out competent supply chain engagement

Listen to the webinar to know the speakers.

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