Leverage YASH expertise to transform the business value chain using an intuitive, modern, and flexible warehouse management system (WMS)

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) provides forward-looking organizations with high-degree of visibility and control over their warehouse management process. It handles high-volume warehouse operations and integrates complex supply chain logistics into the warehouse and distribution processes. It facilitates real-time inventory tracking, cross-docking, distribution operations, multichannel fulfillment, and other crucial warehouse aspects. It also enables organizations to save costs with optimal resource usage, reduce order cycle time, increase customer satisfaction, and standardize processes. Deployable both on-premise and in the cloud, SAP EWM enables organizations by fully integrating quality, production, and track-and-trace processes and providing direct control of warehouse automation equipment.

YASH Technologies have thorough, comprehensive and strong competencies in the Warehouse Management Systems arena with experience across WM platforms, various industry verticals including discrete manufacturing, retail, logistics, etc.. YASH has helped leading global organizations to drive supply chain efficiencies and maximize the value from their dispersed warehouses. Our EWM services portfolio includes Strategy & Process Advisory, SAP WM to EWM Migration, road mapping, System Implementation (on-premise and cloud deployment of SAP EWM aligned with business requirements), system validation and continuous support. Our consultants have enabled multiple organizations to maximize the responsiveness and revenues from complex logistics operations by alignment of EWM with all internal warehouse processes. From goods receipt and issue, cross-docking, slotting, shipping to integrating mobile RF devices our services leverage every aspect of SAP EWM; thereby bringing transformation in warehouse management.

YASH’s Centre of Excellence for SAP EWM

YASH’s EWM CoE is a collaboration of brilliant industry minds, warehouse management experts and technology enthusiasts who are empowering global enterprises with innovative SAP EWM themes and frameworks. Our CoE has developed a wealth of pilots, proof of concepts, frameworks, etc. which are “easy-to-asses,” “easier-to-deploy” and “easiest-to-scale.”

YASH EWM CoE experts guide enterprises through upgrading their current warehouse capabilities with real-time inventory visibility, a monitoring cockpit, smarter storage options and similar critical parameters of warehouse management. We have customizable service packages which are pre-configured based on industry best practices, scalable, flexible, adaptable, and quickly deployable to maximize returns and drive business value.

  • Leverage industry best practices, tools and templates specific to SAP EWM to assist enterprises on-board quickly
  • Developed innovative solutions such as embedded EWM on S/4 HANA, SAP Fiori apps for Tablets & Mobile, Automation, etc. for organizations with varied complexity in SCM processes
  • Mobilize enterprise applications integrating warehouse management solution with wireless devices and networks, radio frequency identification (RFID) sensors, and voice-picking applications leading to improved operational efficiencies and enhanced customer delight

Better savings, customer satisfaction, enhanced productivity, and greater accuracy can be achieved all-at-the same time with the highly scalable SAP Extended Warehouse Management solution from YASH and SAP.

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