Live Reporting Data from Your ERP into Excel


YASH has partnered with Global Software to add innovative Excel-based automation and reporting tools to its current service offerings for midsized enterprises.

Spreadsheet Server is an innovative Microsoft® Excel add-in that allows users to access ‘live’ data within Excel, while maintaining the full ability to drill down to supporting details. Spreadsheet Server enables users to leverage the familiarity of Microsoft Excel as a reporting and analysis tool while providing up-to-the-minute dynamic data. Users of Spreadsheet Server can simply open a spreadsheet and watch the balances of their spreadsheet populate with dynamic financial balances.

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Distribution Manager for use with Excel automates the delivery of key business information to your critical users. Eliminate unnecessary printing, copying and email attachments. Benefits include automated, full delivery of reports and files through email, printing, and archiving, unlimited file attachments of all types, ability to define key variables available to all spreadsheets, and ability to provide custom parameters to spreadsheets prior to re-calculating.

Budget Accelerator provides users with an intuitive budget setup and administration, in a familiar Microsoft® Excel-based Budget Model. At the center of the Budget Accelerator application is a Budgeting Database. This database holds the budget structures, budget data and budget model definitions. With centrally defined spread methods and budget rules, and role-based security, Budget Accelerator provides workbook tracking, defined budget submission policies and an intuitive distribution process.

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Build financial and operational reports directly in Excel, with real-time data integration directly from your ERP. Spreadsheet Server eliminates the re-keying or downloading of data into the spreadsheet and makes the spreadsheet an integral part of your business environment.


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